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"Using power of the improve your game!"

"Neuroplasticity" is the key scientific element to the Neurogrip, as a means to enhance awareness of feeling.

  • Neuroplasticity, or Brain Plasticity, refers to a shift in neural pathways and synapses, due to changes made to feelings, environment, thinking, behavior or emotions.

Can be worn with other glove. Model shown to demonstrate difference.

*Ads show Neurogrip only. Designed to be worn with other golf glove.

By isolating and exposing the forefinger and thumb, and lightly covering the remainder of the hand, you get an improved sense of awareness in the fingers that feel the most.

Extra awareness provides instant feedback when you get your hands out of position or make sudden grip changes which improves feel for greater accuracy.

Lighter consistent grip pressure creates faster swing speeds that increase distance.

The heightened sense of awareness and feeling continues to develop the more you wear the Neurogrip. Size Fitting Chart

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