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Top 5 benefits of using a golf glove, even more with a Neurogrip glove.

The golf glove was first introduced sometime during the late 1800's. Initially, not well received by golf professionals of the time, taking 30 years to begin being seen and over 60 years before 95% of ALL golfers wear a golf glove as standard equipment. The golf glove has not changed much over the many years, but the original reason for it's use has evolved a bit. Now, since the advancements made in multi-compound golf grips, and today's golf gloves being made of multiple materials and designs, golf gloves have many OTHER benefits that most golfer's take advantage of...or they don't even realize it.

*Ads show Neurogrip only. Designed to be worn with other golf glove.

*Ads show Neurogrip only. Designed to be worn with other golf glove.

1. Added Protection:

Golfer's first used a golf glove to protect the main gripping (non-dominant) hand from blisters and callouses caused by rough, crude leather wrap golf club grips. Most professional players then found that they preferred the well-earned callouses and feedback from using bare hands. It's a good idea to wear a golf glove if you have soft skin, develop blisters or callouses easily, or have excessive friction from grip changes which ultimately leads to holes in your golf gloves.

2. Weather Conditions/Moisture Control:

Different climates and weather conditions effect golfer's in various ways. Some golf gloves are made specifically for each type of condition a golfer may encounter (dry, rain or cold). For most players a golf glove provides the extra gripping power needed to keep the golf club from slipping out of their fingers during the swing. The golf glove also protects our golf club grips getting slippery from a naturally occurring, waxy secretion that comes from the palm side of our hands called sebum.

Sebum waterproofs and lubricates the skin and hair, and plays a role in thermoregulation to maintain body temperatures during climate changes. Getting sebum mixed with rain or sweat on your golf grip can create many inconsistencies like errant shots or worse, a golf club flying through the air.

3. More Slip Resistant than Skin:

New era golf gloves are made of many different materials and design styles to perform for the individuals grip style. Golf gloves are more adhesive than our skin and provide more control with less effort. Gaining control of your club with a lighter grip enables you to play with greater precision and consistency. Match your golf gloves to your needs.

4. Lighter/Consistent Grip Pressure:

Most amateurs grip too tightly. It’s proven that most amateurs increase their grip pressure by 25% or more during the first half of the back swing motion. World renowned Master Golf Instructor Jim McLean’s ‘The Eight Step Swing’, says, “A tight grip kills your golf swing.” “grip pressure is highly underrated, often more important than grip position and nobody is playing great golf with a tight grip.”

There are three points of pressure in the golf grip:

  • The back three fingers of the non-dominant hand.

  • The connection between the non-dominant hand's thumb and the middle pocket area of the dominant hand.

  • The middle two fingers of the dominant hand.

DO NOT put pressure in the dominant hand's thumb or the forefinger (this activates the tendons along the top of the forearm…where you do not want any activation). - Ben Hogan

Wearing a golf glove can help you keep lighter more consistent grip pressure which can improve your accuracy and swing speed.

5. Better Connection Between Hands and Golf Club:

Wearing a golf glove can create a more stable platform on which to hold the golf club. The pressure and surface area you would normally use to maintain control of the golf club is distributed instead to the golf glove making it possible to move faster with control. Statistically, a golf glove can provide more consistent performance.

6. Faster Swing Speeds/Increased Distance:

If wearing one glove has this benefit, then having the Neurogrip paired with it is twice the benefit! With reduced grip pressure to your dominant hand, you can move even faster than before and increase your club speed. Because a tight a slow muscle! With Neurogrip and the proper dominant hand grip, will enable a player to transmit the greatest amount of speed to the club head. Allow your grip pressure to relax and let Neurogrip do most the work, which will translate into increased distances.

Neurogrip gives you a competitive edge!

7. Enhance Awareness/Greater Accuracy:

The only reason that most golf instructors and professionals don't wear a glove on this hand, is because they believe that it will reduce the amount of 'feel' or feedback. This is absolutely true for the current golf gloves that exist on the market today. The 'regular' golf glove is too cumbersome to be useful for the dominant hand. Except for a few rare players that understand the benefit of golf gloves, no other options are available on the market that provide the specific needs for the dominant hand. UNTIL NOW!

The Neurogrip answers this problem by being the 1st golf glove specifically designed to perform for the dominant hand.

Never before has a golf glove been designed so detailed for it's purpose!

By isolating and exposing the forefinger and thumb, and lightly covering the remainder of the hand, you get an increased sense of awareness in the fingers that feel the most. This awareness allows you to sense every motion made by your hands during the golf swing.

Very similar to the effect of having a 'laser pointer' in your hand; you will be aware of what your hand position and grip pressure is during the entire golf swing, better than you ever had before. Neurogrip gives you a greater sense of every position in your golf swing, enabling you to have the best control and confidence for making the toughest shots.

8. Wicks Moisture/Fast Drying:

One of the major problems of any golf glove you get today is how it responds to sweat and humidity. Most cabretta leather gloves perform well in situations when humidity and sweat are a factor. However, even cabretta has a threshold for how much moisture it will wick away and how fast it can dry. Once cabretta gets saturated with moisture, it becomes a slimy mess that slips around on your hand. Then, once it drys it becomes a brittle rock-hard substance that is no longer useful and needs to be replaced. Synthetic materials provide nice extra 'external' grip adhesion, but internally the sweat and moisture builds up and is similar to wearing a latex glove while exercising.

The Neurogrip uses cabretta leather only where it's needed during the grip; on the two middle fingers and upper palm pads. The rest of the Neurogrip is made from high quality lycra that wicks moisture from your hand, then evaporates much faster than leather or any synthetic. This provides a cooler, dryer feel and a glove that will last longer with less maintenance.

*Ads show Neurogrip only. Designed to be worn with other golf glove.

*Ads show Neurogrip only. Designed to be worn with other golf glove.

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