Why don't golfers wear a glove on the dominant hand?

Golfers don’t wear a glove on the dominant hand because it would reduce the sensation of feel needed for feedback when making your golf shots. Today’s golf gloves are made for the grip-hand to enhance performance by reducing grip pressure and improve connection.

Golfers have never had a choice for the dominant hand before, because there was never a product that could satisfy both benefits of grip pressure and feel,


The Neurogrip is the answer to the objections of wearing a glove on the dominant hand!

Specifically designed and engineered to perform the dominant hand’s role during the golf grip.

*Ads show Neurogrip only. Designed to be worn with other golf glove.

In Ben Hogan’s ‘Five Lessons’, he says “The right hand (dominant hand) grip is a finger grip. The two fingers which should apply most the pressure are the two middle fingers."

“The forefinger and thumb serve as finesse fingers…when you complete your grip, try to feel that the tips of the forefinger and thumb are hardly touching the club.”

*Ads show Neurogrip only. Designed to be worn with other golf glove.

“A proper right-hand grip will enable the player to transmit the greatest amount of speed to the club head.”

There are three points of pressure in the golf grip:

  1. The back three fingers of the non-dominant hand.

  2. The connection between the non-dominant hand thumb and the middle pocket area of the dominant hand.

  3. The middle two fingers of the dominant hand.

DO NOT put pressure in the dominant thumb or the forefinger (this activates the tendons along the top of the forearm…where you do not want any activation).

Most amateurs grip too tightly. It’s proven that most amateurs increase their grip pressure by 25% or more during the first half of the backswing motion.

World renowned Master Golf Instructor Jim McClean’s ‘The Eight Step Swing’, says, “a tight grip kills your golf swing.” “grip pressure is highly underrated, often more important than grip position and nobody is playing great golf with a tight grip.”

The Neurogrip is a 3 finger glove made mostly of quality Lycra, this material…

  • Gives the least obstruction to feel

  • Stretches for perfect fit

  • Moisture wicking / fast drying

  • Durable / washable

Both middle finger pads, and the upper palm pads are covered with fine ‘cabretta’ leather to improve gripping only where the dominant hand makes contact with the golf grip. The leather for the finger pads touch the skin to improve feel and prevent slipping. The pad of the palm is covered with a lycra liner, under a leather upper, to reduce friction and assist with grip pressure.

The wristband should fit securely at the base of the hand. This ensures a snug fit of the entire glove over the whole hand.


You will notice that the thumb and forefinger aren’t covered at all! This is because the thumb and forefinger are primarily used for feel!

By isolating and exposing them, you get an increased sense of awareness in the fingers that feel the most, and covering the remainder of the hand creates a ‘Neuroplasticity effect’.

-Neuroplasticity, or Brain Plasticity, refers to a shift in neural pathways and synapses, due to changes made to feelings, environment, thinking, behavior and emotions.

You should begin to experience a heightened sense of awareness and feeling that will develop the longer you wear the Neurogrip.

That heightened sense of awareness has many benefits…

  • The ability to notice grip pressure changes during your golf swing,

  • What position your hands are in during your golf swing,

  • More consistent or reduced grip pressure

Which equals…increased distance, improved feel and greater accuracy!

Neurogrip has been specifically designed to perform and assist the functions of the dominant hand during the golf grip. Neurogrip will fit a wide range of golfers due to it's custom fit and materials. The unique design incorporates the science of neuroplasticity as a means to enhance the feeling in the most sensitive fingers. Reduced and consistent grip pressure will allow you to generate more speed with greater accuracy and provide instant feedback during grip changes.

Neurogrip can be either worn as a pair with your current glove or even as a stand-alone glove to get even more feedback by exposing your non-dominant hand.

Neurogrip must be experienced, not just read about, to fully understand it's true effect. Words just cannot explain the sensation you get from using the Neurogrip golf glove!

Size Fitting Chart

*Ads show Neurogrip only. Designed to be worn with other golf glove.

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