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WARNING: Amazing Putting Aid is Addictive! Take the TRUE² (True-Sq) Challenge! [Putting Drill]

Everyone knows the player with the best putting in a round of golf almost always wins.

The TRUE² (True-Sq) putting aid WILL make you a better putter!

Challenge yourself to see how many times in a row you can roll this putting aid.

It does not matter what path you swing or what grip technique you use, if you can't putt the ball with a square club face it's not going to stay on your target line or roll at your desired speed.

Be patient, it's not this easy!

(TRUE-Sq Putting Aid)

  • TRUE² is challenging, effective and can be used almost anywhere!

  • TRUE² offers instant feedback by spinning on axis in the direction off-center contact is made.

  • TRUE² is the perfect pre-round warm up tool and should be in every golf bag!

TRUE² is assembled in the USA by hand with precision using quality 3-piece balls and connected together with a threaded bolt fit perfectly to the center of each ball for balance and feel. Each one is tested and rolled to ensure exact performance.

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