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Top 4 brilliant Neurogrip golf glove Q&A from who matters [Consumers Report]

1. Why isn’t the Neurogrip made of leather? Our most asked question.

There are several reasons that the Neurogrip is not made of leather. First and very important, most golfers DON’T wear a glove on their dominant hand, why would you want to feel like you’re wearing one now? The Neurogrip is made of lycra since it’s the best material for the least obstruction to feel. We don’t want our product to be a distraction, it is designed to feel ‘natural’.

Leather is also thicker than lycra, this makes it a greater obstruction to not only feel, but also increases the inside diameter of your hands, making them turn slower through impact. Even this fraction will have a significant change to your ball flight, direction and timing. Lycra is skin tight, thin and durable. This ensures that when you join your hands ‘together’ in your golf grip the overlapping glove materials on both hands don’t combine to create extra thickness. Examples of overlapping contact points are your thumb and little finger.

Neurogrip is the best of both worlds!

Leather only where you need it to promote accuracy and lighter grip pressure and sheer material where you don’t, to allow for the feel you need.

Having said that, we anticipate offering the Neurogrip in a leather option. The effect of the Neurogrip won’t change, but you will notice a glove where you normally don’t use one.

2. Would leather be a better quality?

Quality in materials does not always mean quality in performance!

Our study and constant use of the Neurogrip in multiple conditions show that it’s very durable with no defects.

Neurogrip is also cooler when hot, warmer when cold and not only dries faster, but without getting hard like leather or cracking like leather. We would venture to say that you may find our design will outlast a leather glove.

3. Does Neurogrip replace the other golf glove?

No. The Neurogrip was not meant to 'replace' the other golf glove, it was designed to be worn paired together. This way both hands now get the benefit of a glove, except the Neurogrip won’t take away your ‘bare-hand’ feel, in fact, by exposing your most sensitive fingers Neurogrip is going to enhance your sense of feel.

4. I still don’t understand or believe the Neurogrip’s effect?

This effect is simple science of ‘sensory deprivation’. When your hand is completely covered, dulling your senses slightly, and the two most sensitive fingers (the first finger and thumb) are left uncovered; there becomes a heightened sense of awareness that shifts to those fingers.

The extra awareness will speak for itself in results! IT WORKS!

Check our study results here

Opening Sale $11.99! Reg. $14.99

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