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Golf study finds Neurogrip enhances awareness for greater accuracy!

It's only once in a great while that something different enhances performance in sports today; especially in the ancient game of golf!

But we have made an unexpected stride with the Neurogrip golf glove. This glove is specially designed to perform for your dominant hand (bottom hand) in the golf grip, and gives you a competitive edge!

We were very glad to have perform a case study and review* of the Neurogrip golf glove to see what benefits it provides. We appreciate everything they provided us during their process and were very thorough and professional!

The results are in, and here's what the case study shows...

*edited for content

*Ads show Neurogrip only. Designed to be worn with other golf glove.

*Ads show Neurogrip only. Designed to be worn with other golf glove.


We put the glove’s claims to the test by performing nine case studies and six launch monitor test’s.

Case studies consist of: -Questionnaire (age, handicap, frequency of practice and play, current glove setup) -Providing verbal feedback on sensations experienced and preference after hitting shots with 4 different glove setups. 1. No gloves on 2. Non-dominant glove 3. Non-dominant glove with Neurogrip glove 4. Neurogrip glove only

Check out our testers profiles here

Launch monitor testing consists of: (Skytrak Launch Monitor used for testing) -Performed 5 sessions -Each session consisted of a golfer hitting a driver, mid-iron and wedge five times with and five times without the Neurogrip.

Regular glove (White) vs with Neurogrip (Orange)

Click here to see the full launch monitor test results

Recorded Data:

-3 Images of shots plotted for visual comparison (1. Regular setup, 2. Neurogrip, 3. Regular setup vs. Neurogrip)

We found varied results in the group over time with a significant improvement in accuracy with all clubs.

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Claims and results:

1. Added Protection: Claim: “Protects golfers dominate hand from blisters and callouses caused by friction or rough golf grips.”

True or False: True, any barrier between the skin and grip will add protection for your hands and prevent blisters and callouses.

2. Lighter/Consistent Grip Pressure: Claim: “The Neurogrip assists the golfer with lighter and consistent grip pressure”

True or False: "?" This claim is very hard to prove or disprove.

Exodus Golf: This may take some time to adjust to the new sensations. However, when trust is put into the product with positive results, players will find that they can relax their grip more to achieve this.

3. Enhance Awareness/Greater Accuracy: Claim: “The reason that most golf instructors and professionals don’t wear a glove on the dominate hand is because they believe that it will reduce the amount of ‘feel’ or feedback. By isolating and exposing the forefinger and thumb, and lightly covering the remainder of the hand, you get an increased sense of awareness in the fingers that feel the most. This awareness allows you to sense every motion made by your hands during the golf swing. Very similar to the effect of having a ‘laser pointer’ in your hand; you will be aware of what your hand position and grip pressure is during the entire golf swing, better than you ever had before. Neurogrip gives you a greater sense of every position in your golf swing, enabling you to have the best control and confidence for making the toughest shots.”

True or False: True, based on our launch monitor testing we saw a major change in direction with the Neurogrip compared to the regular glove setup. This demonstrates an enhancement of awareness and greater accuracy. Interestingly, most testers did not feel the neoplastic effect even though there was a significant launch monitor data difference. Other testers that experienced a difference in feeling stated it would disappear the longer the glove was worn.

We recommend using the glove when you are having trouble straightening out your shots; just put it on and the Neurogrip will do the rest. In other words, use it more like a secret weapon when you are having trouble with accuracy.

Exodus Golf: In reference to the comment that "most testers did not feel the neuroplastic effect". This is actually good, the unique features of the Neurogrip glove have been designed to be hardly noticed. That's the reason we don't wear a 'regular glove' on our dominant hand; you wouldn't want the feeling of wearing a glove, since we normally don't wear one. The Neurogrip sensation shouldn't be a "distraction", it should have an almost 'naked feel'.

4. Faster Swing Speeds/Increased Distance: Claim: ”With reduced grip pressure to your dominant hand, you can move even faster than before and increase your club speed. Because a tight muscle…is a slow muscle! With Neurogrip and the proper dominant hand grip will enable a player to transmit the greatest amount of speed to the club head. You can allow your grip pressure to relax and let it do most of the work, which translates into increased distances.”

True or False: False, based on our launch monitor testing we did not find a significant increase in distance. The launch monitor testing was a short study and with long term use it may help to increase distance. During our launch monitor testing that’s exactly what we saw, the testers displayed a difference in direction between their normal glove setup and the Neurogrip. The directional control could reflect the chemical change or short term learning and with longer consistent use, functional changes may occur which could produce distance changes.

Exodus Golf: Faster swing speeds can be achieved by relaxing more muscles to be able to move more quickly. One way of relaxing is reducing grip pressure. Faster swing speed is a byproduct of a consistent relaxed grip pressure. It will take a little time to adjust to the Neurogrip's benefit before trust can be established and new habits formed, but we believe this is an inevitability.

5. Moisture Control (Wicks Moisture/Fast Drying): Claim: “The Neurogrip uses cabretta leather only where it’s needed during the grip; on the two middle fingers and upper palm pads. The rest of the Neurogrip is made from high quality lycra that wicks moisture from your hand, then evaporates much faster than leather or any synthetic. This provides a cooler, dryer feel and a glove that will last longer with less maintenance.”

True or False: True, many products incorporate Lycra especially skin-tight garments because of its elasticity, strength, ability to return to its original shape after stretching (stretching up to five times its length) and its faster drying than ordinary fabrics.

6. Better Connection Between Hands and Golf Club: Claim: “Wearing a golf glove can create a more stable platform on which to hold the golf club. The pressure and surface area you would normally use to maintain control of the golf club is distributed instead to the golf glove making it possible to move faster with control. Statistically, a golf glove can provide more consistent performance.”

True or False: "?" Depends

A number of golfers in our study found that there was better connection, but some golfers did not. We are far too unique for there to be any single intervention that's going to work for all of us. To optimize outcomes, each individual requires their own personalized intervention. We have learned that there is no one size fits all approach, the best advice I can provide is to try the glove and see if it provides a benefit to you.

7. More Slip Resistant than Skin: Claim: ”Golf gloves are made of many different materials and design styles to perform for the individuals grip style. Golf gloves are more adhesive than our skin and provide more control with less effort. Gaining control of your club with a lighter grip enables you to play with greater precision and consistency."

True or False: We found mixed results with the slip resistance of the glove

Our study found when golfers hit balls wearing just the Neurogrip (not wearing a glove on the non-dominant hand), they found a sensation of slipping. The Neurogrip as a standalone glove is not enough traction if your hands get slippery. If the rear hand begins to slip, so will the bottom hand. We found for optimal results to prevent slipping the Neurogrip should be worn in combination with your regular glove.

We contacted the company, and they informed us that this could be for 2 reasons, sizing issue or grip flaw. Sizing issue: Lycra can stretch up to five times its original length. We recommend ordering one to two sizes smaller than your usual size. Grip flaw: If the slipping occurs before impact, I would say to take a close look at the players grip first. A good golf grip should have no extra adjusting or movements during the swing and may indicate that the Neurogrip has exposed a grip flaw. If the slipping occurs after impact, doesn’t matter because the ball would already be gone.

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Introductory Sale $11.99

Set-up/Ease of use:

A proper fitting golf glove should fit like a second skin, tight across the palm and fingers, with no loose material. You should not have extra material at the top of your fingers. The wristband should fit securely at the base of the hand. This ensures a snug fit of the entire glove over the whole hand. The Neurogrip should be worn as a pair with your current glove. We recommend ordering one to two sizes smaller than your usual size because the Lycra material can stretch up to five times its original length. Click here for the available sizes


Golf gloves don’t last forever! Those made out of the synthetic material have to be replaced more often than their leather counterparts. The combination of sweat and heat can wear the material down. During our study we found the glove was very durable and had no defects. The Lycra material stretched back to its original shape in other words it did not stretch out over time.

My concluding thoughts…

The Neurogrip by Exodus Golf is a neat golf glove that is worth giving a try. The price of this glove is $14.99 USD, which is inexpensive compared to some other golf gloves out on the market. Based on our testings, we found the Neurogrip to be a durable glove. Golfers that suffer from callouses and a sweaty palm may benefit from this glove. The composition of this glove adds protection, and the Lycra of the glove helps wick moisture and is also fast drying.

The design of the Neurogrip is unique and is consistent with Ben Hogan’s quotes (pages 24-36):

-“The right hand grip is a finger grip. The two fingers which should apply most the pressure are the two middle fingers.” -“The forefinger and thumb serve as finesse fingers…when you complete your grip, try to feel that the tips of the forefinger and thumb are hardly touching the club.”

We found that the glove helps enhance awareness for greater accuracy. Based on our launch monitor testing we saw major changes in direction with the Neurogrip compared to the regular glove setup. This demonstrates an enhancement of awareness and greater accuracy. We recommend using the glove when you are having trouble straightening out your shots.

This was a short term study and it would be interesting to see how golfers can benefit from this glove with long term use. For example, would it help increase distance in the long term?

We love that the glove has a scientific aspect to it…”neuroplasticity”. Everything we do and come across in our everyday lives is consider neuroplastic. Your brain is influenced by many factors everyday, for example after reading this review your brain will be different from before reading it. Based on our research into neuroplasticity we learned the shaping of our plastic brains is far too unique for there to be any single intervention that's going to work for all of us (There is no one size fits all approach to learning.) Therefore, no one device will work for everyone, but based on our research we would recommend giving the Neurogrip a try!

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Check out the full review here

*Ads show Neurogrip only. Designed to be worn with other golf glove.

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