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The next evolutionary leap in golf equipment...

1. Lycra construction: Stretches to fit, best for feel, moisture wicking/fast drying, washable/durable 
2. Cabretta leather covers upper palm pads, middle & ring fingers: leather/skin contact over fingers improves feel, prevents material from slipping and assists with grip pressure 
3. Cabretta leather on lycra cover the base of the finger pads on upper palm: where the hand contacts the golf grip, assists with grip pressure and reduces friction 
4. 3 finger glove (exposing thumb & forefinger) creates: a ‘neuroplasticity effect’ that increases awareness and senses of feeling, giving the ability to notice grip pressure changes for more consistency, distance & accuracy 

Neurogrip Logo

Design Features:

Expected Benefits:
  • Greater distance from lighter, consistent grip pressure.

  • Improved accuracy from increased awareness and feeling. 

  • Lower scores and greater enjoyment of the game from the combination of these benefits. 

golf glove for the dominant hand
True-Sq Ad1.png
  • TRUE² is challenging, effective and can be used almost anywhere!

  • TRUE² offers instant feedback by spinning on axis in the direction off-center contact is made.

  • TRUE² is the perfect pre-round warm up tool and should be in every golf bag!


2 Logo Design Options Available!


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