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How It Works!

"Neuroplasticity" is the key scientific element to the Neurogrip, as a means to enhance awareness of feeling. 

  • Neuroplasticity, or Brain Plasticity, refers to a shift in neural pathways and synapses, due to changes made to feelings, environment, thinking, behavior or emotions.


The Neurogrip is a 3-finger golf glove that is specifically engineered & designed to perform the functions of the dominant hand during the golf grip.

By isolating and exposing the forefinger and thumb, and lightly covering the remainder of the hand, you get an increased sense of awareness needed for finesse from the more sensitive fingers.

This creates a "Neuroplasticity Effect"!

The body of the glove is high quality lycra, as golfers require a certain amount of feedback to perform at the highest level of competition. 

Cabretta leather covers the two middle fingers and the upper palm pads where the grip actually makes contact with golf club.

The heightened sense of awareness and feeling continues to develop the more you wear the Neurogrip

Neurogrip Golf Glove, golf glove for dominant hand
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