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Exodus Golf, LLC:

Exodus Golf creates the next innovative products that combines forward thinking, creativity and science to imagine elements of the game we could take advantage of, and gain improvement in the way we play or the equipment we use. Our golfers can be of any skill level from beginner to PGA/LPGA professional and obtain the benefits that our products offer.
The golfing community is always looking for the greatest edge and technological advancements to achieve the next level in their pursuit of perfection and Exodus Golf will be there to take you.

Exodus Golf Logo

Mission Statement:

Exodus Golf strives to ‘evolutionize’ and educate the golf industry, by creating products and services for golfers that are motivated in elevating their game through science and forward thinking. Products that demonstrate a superior knowledge of golf and instills confidence. It is our duty to properly, fundamentally, and creatively influence the industry with products and ideas that work. 


Honor graduate of Professional Golfers Career College with a degree in Golf Business Management, Jason Gage, is Founder/CEO of Exodus Golf, LLC. As an Army veteran stationed with the Presidential Honor Guard and

U.S. Army Drill Team, Mr. Gage has navigated through several aspects and levels of responsibility. Over 20 years of leadership and management experience maintaining multi-million dollar retail locations with continued growth and recognized success.
Exodus Golf is the brain-child that began as a student during my time at PGCC, and evolved over the last 15 years. As a graduate from a golf institute, I use my combined skills professionally, as a pro shop manager and golf instructor to develop my knowledge of the game and the golf swing through many years of studying and working in the industry. I am very passionate about golf and the inner workings of the game, and look forward to dedicating my life to evolutionize the way you improve your game.
-Jason Gage

Neurogrip finds it's way into Peru, exclusively from Golf Professional Jaime Becerra.

Jason Gage with Golf Pro Jaime Becerra in Lima, Peru.

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